About v6

Our 2020 book, "But You Already Know That," showed that we have more in common than you would think. Here's what you need to know about V6.

Get To Know Us

When you drove through our yearbook pick-up line in August, we gave you our bound book with a Coronavirus-focused spring magazine inside. But our coverage doesn't stop there. Look around this website and check our socials linked at the side for more - follow us at @tesseraeybk at YouTube and Instagram! 

It's About Time

We designed our coverage chronologically this year, so from September to June, you can find stories from each week of school, and spreads for each sport. 

Know your way Around

Looking for a specific topic, event, or date? Check the table of contents located on the front endsheet just inside the cover, and the index on page 332.


    This year's book, "But You Already Know That," features "Current Issues" content relating to how global issues affect our hometown. You can view these stories by clicking here or in pages 86-101 of the book.
   Also, check out our "mood" spreads: with 1,450+ students in the building, there's people from all different walks of life. But one of the places we share common ground is in the emotions we feel — fear, pride, uncertainty, and others — as we experience our daily lives. Look inside the front cover for the locations of these special spreads.


You Lived Through It

The Coronavirus pandemic has dominated news in 2020, and we dedicated our spring magazine to telling your Covid-19 stories. You can find that coverage here, and beginning on page 180 of the book.

Students Made This 

This book was created by our 45-person, student-led staff over the last year. All of us at Tesserae are grateful to have support from CPPHS and CPPASD administration, and our advisors Michael Simons (MJE) and Katie Paulison-Harris (CJE). We are lucky to be able to produce our own work without prior review or censorship. With our work, though, comes mistakes. If you catch a typo, we apologize. If you have any questions or concerns about our coverage, please get in touch with us at tesserae.yearbook.@gmail.com, we'd love to hear from you.  

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