In "Here, We Do," we explored the places that make us who and what we are. Here's six things we want you to know:

1 - It's more than a book.

If you purchased a copy of Volume 5, you got a 320-page book and 32-page supplement — but our year-long coverage includes this website, our video channel at YouTube and our posts to Instagram, as well. Be sure to check out all of our digital content!

2 - We like to be social.

Follow @tesseraeybk on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more updates, stories, content and features, including interviews with all of our Hawks athletics NCAA signees.

3 - Stand under our umbrella.

Volume 5 is the first edition of Tesserae to use 'umbrella' coverage, where reporting is organized and grouped by unifying themes on each spread. There are no specific sports or weekly spreads — everything is mixed together and overlaps, just like our lives. On page 38, for instance, "We Dive In" features stories on Freshman First Day, JV Volleyball, Girls Swimming and SCUBA diving, all connected to various 'dives.'

4 - Find your way.

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Not sure where to find a topic, sport or event you want to read about? Check out the Table of Contents inside the front cover and the Index in the back of the book on page 304. We've given you lots of ways to find everything from Drama Club to Soccer.

5 - It's about places and spaces.

We live in a 235-square mile school district — that's a big, BIG area. Volume 5 includes 10 features that highlight the communities in our district, including South Corning, East Campbell, Lindley, Hornby and all the rest. You can find a table of contents for those double-spread features inside the front cover. From summer internships at Corning Inc. in Erwin to volunteer firefighters in Beaver Dams, it's all in there.

6 - Students made it.

We are lucky to have the support of the CPPHS and CPPASD administrators for Tesserae — all content and editorial decisions are made by the student editors and staff, with no prior review or censorship by administrators. Our program is advised by Michael Simons (MJE) and Katie Paulison-Harris (CJE), but the work is ours. The mistakes are, too. If you catch a typo we missed, we apologize for the error. If you have concerns or questions about our coverage, please contact us at tesserae.yearbook@gmail.com — we'd be happy to hear from you. 

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