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Life on Camera

Whether they're about music or lifestyle, sophomore Jordan Fajardo and senior Trisha Bhatia spend hours recording, editing, and uploading videos to their YouTube channels.

Reporting by Belinda Lint; interview transcript edited for clarity and brevity.

“I make videos about travel because I have visited a lot of places and want to be able to share those and be able to remember the memories. I also make lifestyle videos. I just use my phone and several different editing softwares. I've used iMovie as well as different ones on my MacBook, but I usually stick to iMovie because I know how to work around that app with the editing, cutting, and adding songs.

“I would definitely like to use better equipment. I have a Canon right now and I could use that but I just feel like it’s extremely hard to carry around and so my phone is portable and easy and I can easily and readily edit with that too. I just want to make more lifestyle videos, and remain authentic to myself but also have them have fun so I can watch them with my friends and family and just enjoy the memories. And also, the videos encapture how good of a time I had in that moment. I usually post clips of my videos on my Instagram story and I sometimes text the link to my friends to gain if it includes them and I’ve told them about the video so they can watch it.

“My favorite video so far is called ‘To the Best Year Yet.’ It just shows my whole junior year and some of the memories I made with friends, and with new friends I got to meet. The clips included videos at different school events and occasions. School has definitely allowed me to make less videos which makes me really sad because I want to make more. But it’s important for me to stay productive in my activities and schoolwork and YouTube doesn’t take priority over that even though I love to do it. To film the video I have around 20 minutes of footage and then I cut it down to four or five minutes. Some videos are two minutes long; it really just depends on the type of video I’m making. To edit, it started with two hours when I was just learning how to do it, now I can usually edit in about an hour. For me, It's not about the numbers. I just want to do it for the memories and have fun.”

Trisha Bhatia, 12

“I make music videos. I write the music and then I kind of put a video to it and then upload it to YouTube. For the audio, I try to cover a lot of different types of music because I like all of it and I want to challenge myself to be able to do it. For the visuals, I just do whatever I think of. I’m kind of new to video making so all my equipment is pretty basic. The mic I use and the headphones are just the Apple earbuds and then for the software I just use GarageBand, which isn’t that bad but it’s not the best. It would be really cool to get better technology because then, the music quality would go up. But, I’m just doing the best with what I have right now.

“I have a lot of goals. I started this as my personal project for the 10th grade in English but then it grew into something I really enjoyed doing. The original intent was because I feel like music reaches people and I kind of wanted to make music to help people. Also, now that I’m further into it, I can put songs on all of the music stores like iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music which means I can make money off of it. I haven’t gotten any money yet, but I know that people are buying it so I will get money eventually. I just tell my friends about my videos and say ‘Hey, if you like this, then maybe you could go to social media to advertise or tell your friends.’ I made this a cappella cover of ‘This is Home’ and it sounded really cool, especially because it got 400 views, which is the most that I’ve gotten so far. There are some songs that I have finished that I haven’t uploaded yet that I think are definitely the best that I have so far.

“During the summer, I had nothing to do, so all I did was make music. But now, I have a lot of homework. I don’t have any extracurricular activities right now, but eventually I’ll be on the track team and then the baseball team and it’ll take up a lot of time. So, production will slow down a bit. I definitely prioritize my homework before but as soon as I finish that, I go back to working on my videos and it can range from working on them three hours a day to thirty minutes because I don’t have too much time. It takes about two weeks to make a video. The first week I spend writing the music out and then recording it. The second week, I put it all together and edit that as well. So it does take a lot of time.

“There’s a lot of things down the road that I feel like I haven’t achieved yet. But I’m going to keep on working on it and see where it takes me. I mainly am competing against myself because every time I record a video, I try to make it better than the last one.”

Jordan Fajardo, 10


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