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Pep Prep

As new members of student council, freshmen Lydia Rizkallah and Maya Koffij help set up for the fall pep rally and the homecoming dance, despite never having attended either event before.

Reporting by Ria Gupta; interview transcript edited for clarity and brevity.

Why did you choose to organize the pep rally?

Lydia Rizkallah, 9: “I’m a big fan of organizing big events and making them pretty and stuff like that. I thought would just be super fun to join student council and get to help with planning events.”

Maya Koffij, 9: “I have never done student council before. People have told me before it’s fun to set up for events, and that if you like going to school dances and other events, it’s even better. I have two friends on the swim team that encouraged me to do it.”

Decked out in gold outfits as a part of Color Wars, members of the junior class cheer on their class representatives during a game of musical chairs. During Color Wars, the last day of the fall Spirit Week, members of each grade dress up in their class color: freshmen wear white, sophomores wear silver, juniors wear gold, and seniors wear black.

The pep rally location was suddenly shifted from the stadium to the gym at the last minute; how did that shift affect you?

LR: “We couldn’t do everything we wanted to do, like we had a big soccer target set up outside that we didn’t get to do. We had to go from being spread out to being really condensed within a small space, but it worked out fine. I think for that day, it was pretty chilly and rainy, and nobody would have wanted to be outside, so inside was good.”

MK: “I think the other student council members really needed help since it was moved to the gym at the last minute, and they were probably rushing things, so I thought it would be helpful if I was there to help out. I personally think I liked it better in the gym because outside, there’s just more noise and I think it would have been harder to set up.”

How was your first pep rally/homecoming weekend experience?

LR: “Personally, I enjoyed both the pep rally and homecoming. I thought the way we set them up went really well, they ran smoothly, and they provided a lot of fun for the student body. I think it’s pretty fun to know that you set up for such a big event; everyone was like, ‘homecoming was so pretty’ and I was like, ‘I set that up,’ so it’s a good feeling. You can also get advice from them on how they would like to see it in the future and implement that next time.”

MK: “It was crazy but it was also really fun. I’ve actually never seen anything like it and students were really into it. It was so fun helping out with some of the games like the relay race and musical chairs, seeing all the kids interact with the games, people cheering each other on. I think it was a really good experience and I hope I can do it more in the future.”


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