Meet the editors and staff of Tesserae, Volume 5.

IN E208,

     “Here, We Do.” is the fifth edition of the Tesserae yearbook at Corning-Painted Post High School in Corning, NY. Tesserae is a student-produced publication and is a public forum for student expression. 

     Our theme development process began in May 2018, as the Volume 4 staff completed mood board inspiration projects before the end of the year. As summer began, we were working with the theme, “It’s What We Do Here,” with an emphasis on locations and the wide range of activities our students participate in both at and away from school. Two of our co-Editors-in-Chief, Lauren Thomas and Kristin Hauptman, attended Yearbooks at the Beach, a camp in Long Beach, Calif., in late July. With input from the camp staff and inspiration from a video promoting DePaul University, we refined the theme into “Here, We Do.”          

     Vol. 5 follows an umbrella structure, an approach where content and coverage is packaged on a spread based on unifying words or concepts. For instance, pages 38-39 focus on “Here, We Dive In,” and feature stories about freshmen adjusting quickly to high school, volleyball players diving to keep balls in play, students enjoying scuba diving and snorkeling and the girls swimming and diving team developing friendships with each other. Additionally, the book is separated into three location-based sections: “Inside,” “On Campus” and “Out There,” which strengthens the link between the theme and our coverage.


     We’re proud of our 10 interrupters of jump coverage, each of which focuses on one geographic area in our community. The towns and villages that make up the Corning-Painted Post School District are each unique places that foster specific opportunities and events where our students live their lives. In addition to regular coverage, Volume 5 highlights each of these areas in and around our district and the things that we do there.

     Historically, the yearbook staff has felt we’ve excluded or under covered many students who live out in rural areas or far away from the center of Corning-Painted Post. This year, we wanted to make a point of representing each of the towns that our students come from and what activities and features make those towns unique. The double-spread features include coverage 

of students’ rural lives on the outskirts of our district, as well as seniors enrolled at Corning Community College, interns working this past summer at Corning, Inc., and more. Inspiration for these spreads and our dividers came from the UK-based travel magazine ‘Escapism.’ 

    The cover is a soft lamination four-color Vista litho with an applied UV gloss. Endsheets are HJ classic Carrara stock white, and the 320 pages of the book are printed on 100# matte paper.

    Tesserae Vol. 5 was sold for $65 in September, $70 from October to February 2, and $80 thereafter. The Herff Jones printing plant in Kansas City, located at 6015 Travis Lane, Mission, KS 66202, produced 900 copies of the book. 

     Editors-in-Chief Lauren Thomas, Kelly Hoyt and Kristin Hauptman and their 43-student staff produced Vol. 5 on six deadlines from October to May, with the final deadline including Tesserae’s 32-page spring supplement, which can be found on page 148 and was printed by Graphic Solutions in Village Square, Painted Post, NY.

     Vol. 5’s coverage includes digital content at and, as well as reporting at

     As determined by the student editors, it is the policy of Tesserae that school enrollment, grade, student name and gender information derive from the C-PPHS school database as reported on Feb.1, 2019. Sports scores shall be accurate as of the day before final deadlines for page submissions of the pages/sports in question.

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