This book would not have been possible without everyone who contributed this year. Thank you to our hardworking staff and editors; meet the Volume 7 team below!

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    “Be A/Part of the Whole” is the seventh edition of the Tesserae yearbook at Corning-Painted Post High School in Corning, NY. Tesserae is a student-produced publication and is a public forum for student expression. 

     Volume 7’s theme development started from our staff members’ homes, as we completed theme development during the Spring 2020 pandemic shutdown. Co-Editors-in-Chief Kaitlin Chung, Charles Marshall and Alivia Jiang attended the virtual Yearbooks at the Beach camp in July, knowing that the school year would likely be unprecedented as half of the student body attended school from home on any given day. They developed a theme that could highlight the separation and distance experienced by the school and community as well as the moments and opportunities students still had to be together: “Be A/Part of the Whole.”
     Featured content includes seven individual and seven group profiles, commemorating the seventh anniversary of our school’s opening. The individual profiles feature people whose experiences have set them apart, while the group profiles highlight clubs and groups whose shared experiences brought them together during an unprecedented year. 

     The book follows a chronological structure in Fall and Winter divisions, with specialty coverage and features included throughout.  Sports are included in the Sports Supplement, tipped into the book at pg. 160-161. As with Vol. 6, the staff used ‘modes of coverage’ in spread designs, with a variety of flexible layouts and schemes that gave the staff much-needed flexibility. Examples include “things & stuff” (p. 112), “big honkin’ picture” (p. 72), “whole bunch of people” (p. 26), timeline (p. 24), “gallery” (p. 118) and more. 

     The cover is a custom-designed four-color litho with suede lamination and raised UV gloss, and the endsheets are Carrara white CL-1 stock. Vol. 7’s 304 pages are printed on 100# matte paper. Typefaces are Degular and Meno Banner, and photographs were taken using a suite of Canon DSLRs and Canon and Sigma lenses.

     Tesserae Vol. 7 was sold for $50 in September, $60 from October to February, and $70 thereafter. The bound book was printed by Herff Jones in Kansas City, located at 6015 Travis Lane, Mission, KS, 66202, and the sports supplement was printed by the Corning-Painted Post School District print shop on 80# paper. 

     The co-EiCs and their 40-student staff submitted the 2021 Tesserae bound book on April 19, and the sports supplement on May 28. The program’s digital content can be found at tesseraeybk.com, youtube.com/tesseraeybk and instagram.com/tesseraeybk. 

     As determined by the student editors, it is Tesserae’s policy that school enrollment, grade, student name and related information derive from the CPPHS school database as reported on Feb. 1, 2021. Sports scores shall be accurate as of the day before final deadline for page submissions of the pages/sports in question.


    Please note: Tesserae Vol. 7 is a student publication. We regret spelling errors, omissions, and mistakes in the content of our publication. Due to the demands and limitations of the hybrid learning plan at CPPHS, our staff had significantly limited access to many of our classmates, and we had to change, swap and sometimes eliminate coverage in the book. Our staff did the very best work they could under incredibly challenging circumstances. On behalf of the entire Tesserae staff, we thank you for your support of our program through the purchase of this book, and sincerely hope that you enjoy reading it. 

         Finally, due to changes in our schedule, learning model and other impacts of COVID-19, some contents’ location in the book changed after the table of contents was submitted Jan. 1. The following content can be found at the pages listed: 

   Seniors - 164

   Juniors - 186

   Sophs - 196

   Freshmen - 207

   Faculty & Staff - 218

   Winter Sports - 224

   Advertisements - 228

   Index - 287

EiC You Later...

     I want to say first off that I am so thankful for all that Tesserae has brought me and done for me over the three years that I have spent on staff. It has truly been a wild ride from my start on video team to becoming an editor-in-chief, and I want to thank all of those who brought me to this place and saw me through.
     I want to first off thank my co-editor-in-chief Alivia Jiang for encouraging me to even apply for EiC in the first place and for so many other things as we took this journey from the “normal” days of six hours on Zoom during Gloria Shields to the constant stresses and successes that are these final weeks as we race to ship this book. Furthermore, I want to thank Alivia for being the most important member of my moral support team / emotional support task force. I couldn’t do it without you. 
     I also want to thank my other co-EiC Kaitlin Chung for always staying solid on copy and making the whole lab crack up when loud music comes on. Additionally, I want to thank Bob Wood / yearbook Bob for putting up with the literally zero deadlines that we hit until the very end. We will forever appreciate your cookies even though we hadn’t shipped anything by the time you came up to the lab! Jim, you have been crucial throughout this crazy journey, and being able to send you designs and photos has been crucial to finishing this book the best we can.
     It is impossible to express how grateful I am to this program for not only what I have learned but the experiences I have gotten to have and the people I have met that have truly changed my life over the past 3 years and 6 months. I couldn’t have asked for a better team or better two advisers to guide us and work with us through this tumultuous time remote learning 5-hour worknights. Thank you V7; I miss you all already. After a year of being apart, I still feel like we finished this one together!! 
- Charles Marshall

     Since I joined staff sophomore year, I have loved Tesserae. I’m so grateful for all the skills I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, and the experiences I’ve had as a member of Red Team with Michael and Halla and now as an EiC. Last April, Alivia, Charlie, and I started this crazy journey, and I’m so thankful we finished it together. Alivia, your design skills and drive continue to amaze me. Thank you for making the book look fantastic! Charlie, you were so critical to making V7. Thank you for always making us smile at work nights and being our resident headline expert!
     Thank you to all of the editors this year; you all went above and beyond in everything you did and floored us with your capability, leadership, and kindness. A special thank you to Ria and Maxine, the true copy queens, for teaching me everything I need to know about AP Style and being wonderful people to work with! And of course, thank you to all of the coverage, video, and business staff members. Each one of you brought something different and special to the staff, and I hope you know how appreciated you are!
     None of this would be possible without Mrs. PH and Mr. Simons. To Mrs. PH, your leadership with Cooper on the business team this year was beyond amazing. Thank you so much for everything you did behind-the-scenes to keep Tesserae up and running. To Mr. Simons, I can’t express how grateful I am to have you as a mentor. Thank you for believing in me from the very start, supporting us through every challenge and obstacle with encouraging words and ice cream, and for being you. Finally, I would like to thank Ann Akers, Cindy Todd, and all of the other members of our yearbook family that  encourage and support us.  Thanks to all of you, I will always remember and treasure my experiences this year as a part of Volume 7. 

- Kaitlin Chung

     If the last three years I have spent on Tesserae have taught me anything, it is that the people around you can get you through anything. I am so thankful for everyone I have gotten the privilege of meeting throughout my time on staff. To start, I would like to thank Kaitlin for your steadfast dedication and kindness throughout the year - I don’t put my thoughts in words very well, so thank goodness we have someone like you to help me from making the book one big grammar mistake.
     To Charlie, thank you for arguing with me about Jay-Z and Beyonce during worknight, taking all the pretty pictures to make my designs work, and indulging me when I threaten to fight you on a daily basis (we all know I’d win.) Thank you to Mia, Liz, and Kristin for believing in me from the start and teaching me everything there is to know about dzine and leadership. A special thank you to Kelly for taking a chance on a shy freshman (Hey EiCs!) and being patient with all of my weird questions and stories (aka glorified rants).
    To Alex & Molly, I am in awe of your abilities to step up this year and join me on this three person design team — it’s been difficult, but it wouldn’t have been possible without your hard work. I would like to further thank Executive Principal Robin Sheehan and Superintendent Michelle Caulfield for continuing to believe in the program and supporting us through this year From the start of the pandemic, you both have given all you could to help us work on the book even at home, and we wouldn’t have made it to where we are without your help.

     To PH, I would like to thank you for making me smile every eighth period, and for offering your powerful brain to help lead the business team. To Simons, thank you for checking in with me all the time about my sleep schedule and mental health and being the best advisor ever. From checking over spreads with me every single day (Meno or Degular?), to giving me that push to try something new, you have made me a better designer, and even moreso, a better human being. Volume 7—don’t get lost in the sauce. Thank you for making my year whole.

- Alivia Jiang


Charles Marshall, Kaitlin Chung & Alivia Jiang

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