This book would not have been possible without everyone who contributed this year. Thank you to our hardworking staff and editors, meet them below.

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          “But You Already Know That” is the sixth edition of the Tesserae yearbook at Corning-Painted Post High School in Corning, NY. Tesserae is a student-produced publication and is a public forum for student expression.

           Our theme development process began in May 2019, as the Volume 5 staff completed mood board inspiration projects before the end of the year. As summer began, we were working with the theme, “You Already Know,” with an emphasis on connecting students via shared feelings despite their different experiences. Two of our co-Editors-in-Chief, Elizabeth Hogrefe and Kristin Hauptman, attended Yearbooks at the Beach, a camp in Long Beach, Calif., in late July. With input from the camp staff, we refined the theme into “But You Already Know That.” Special thanks go Camp Tesserae instructors Brenda Gorsuch and Mark Murray, HJ Yearbook Fairy Godmother Ann Akers, the Yearbook Besties — Meghan Percival, Erinn Harris and Carrie Faust — and all of the other advisers and professionals who support our program.

          Vol. 6 follows a chronological structure, separated using dividers to organize the book by season, including sports. In addition to regular coverage, we’re proud of our six mood spreads, each of which focuses on students’ different experiences through a lens of common, shared emotions like pride, fear and others. Volume 6 highlights these emotions to show that while we all have individual experiences, we have more connections and common ground between us than we might expect.

          Historically, the yearbook staff has used traditional spreads for their coverage. After a meeting with mentor and consultant Peter LeBlanc we made the decision to use ‘modes of coverage’ instead. This results in traditional spreads joined by “pics and caps”, “mods, no dom,” “big honkin’ picture,”one-person profiles, and several other types of coverage for greater variety. A very special thank-you goes to Pete for his encouragement to try something brand-new this year.

          The cover is a soft lamination four-color Vista litho with an applied UV gloss. Endsheets are HJ classic Carrara stock white, and the 348 pages of the book are printed on 100# matte paper. Typefaces used were Novecento and Proxima Nova, and photographs were taken using a suite of Canon DSLRs and Canon and Sigma lenses.                  Tesserae Vol. 6 was sold for $65 in September, $70 from October to February 2, and $80 thereafter. The Herff Jones printing plant in Kansas City, located at 6015 Travis Lane, Mission, KS 66202, produced 850 copies of the book.

          Editors-in-Chief Kristin Hauptman, Elizabeth Hogrefe and Mia Perry and their 43-student staff produced Vol. 6 on six deadlines from October to May, with the final deadline including Tesserae’s 16-page spring supplement, which can be found on page 180 and was printed by Graphic Solutions in Village Square, Painted Post, NY.

          Vol. 6’s coverage includes digital content at and, as well as reporting at

          As determined by the student editors, it is the policy of Tesserae that school enrollment, grade, student name and gender information derive from the C-PPHS school database as reported on Feb.1, 2019. Sports scores shall be accurate as of the day before final deadlines for page submissions of the pages/sports in question.

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MIss you

After only two years on staff, I’m amazed by how much this program has changed me and how grateful I am for all it’s taught me. As I look
back on my first and last year as an editor, the roadblocks this year gave us (hello, coronavirus) make me all the more cognizant of the love I have for the people of this program. I’d like to thank my co-EiCs and co-owners of the editor brain cell, Kristin and Mia, for handling this year’s difficulties with grace and humor. Your talent and work ethic never fail to amaze me; I love you immensely. Thank you to our incredible staff for their work — whatever you’re doing, you continue to challenge each other to grow and be better. A special shout-out to
this year’s rookies; you amaze me and I know you’ll do great things in the coming volumes. Thank you to PH for leading biz team. Thank
you to Simons for many things — letting us play Big Time Rush in the lab almost every deadline night, balancing out our green and gold
with a healthy dose of blue, and always being there for us, no matter what. Thank you to the program, for teaching me the true importance
of storytelling. When I think of where I am now, I find it incredibly difficult to word exactly what Tesserae has given me. I’ll have to settle for saying thank you again — thank you, Volume 6. I’ll miss you.   Elizabeth Hogrefe

I hold immense gratitude for this program and how it has shaped me throughout my high school career. As I finish my fourth and final
year as a part of the Tesserae staff, I would first like to thank my co-EiCs Kristin and Liz -- thank you for the endless laughs, healthy arguments, and coffee and/or chai runs, even though we had to share our final ones finishing this book via Google Meet (thank you corona), instead of eating Ben & Jerry’s in the lab. I would also like
to thank Superintendent Michael Ginalski, Assistant Superintendent Michelle Caufield, and Executive Principal Robin Sheehan for their
continued and unwavering support of us as student journalists, and for encouraging us to write the important stories. Thank you to Alivia,

and to Kristin for being my forever d-zine and to-do list partner-in- crime. To my past staff mates Monica, Karleigh, and Elia: thank you

for your guidance and making me feel like a part of the Tess family — as well as the original Pink Team (Mira, Michael, Meghan, and Madi)
for making my rookie-self feel welcome at a new school. Thank you to Simons and PH, for always encouraging us to be at our best as
student journalists, and to keep reporting especially when times get tough. I will forever be grateful to have been a part of Volume 6. 

Mia Perry

As my fourth year on the Tesserae Yearbook staff draws to a close, I am grateful for all I have gained from the program. As a rookie my
freshman year, the editors welcomed me and made it fun to be on staff, and that didn’t change as the years went by. Thank you to Elia
and Tommy for teaching me how to dzine, and to Mia and Alivia for continuing to keep the book pretty. To Kelly and Lauren, thanks
for doing this whole EiC thing with me the first time, and creating a beautiful (award-winning!) book. To Liz (Shelizabeth) and Mia (Meep)
thanks for making this absolute mess of a year not only tolerable but fun, keeping me out from under the desk, and rotating coffee duty. I love you both and am so appreciative of all you do for the program. Thank you to our amazing staff: editors, coverage, business, video, and ref, this book wouldn’t have been possible without you kings. Thank you PH for your guidance with the business team. To Simons, thank you for being the most amazing adviser we could ever ask for. You’re always there to give us advice, help us out of absolute disasters, and to shock us with yet another new Photoshop trick. From asking us if we’re doing okay, to encouraging us to get out of the lab, or offering up a coffee or a hug, we wouldn’t want anyone else. Thank you to all the other yearbook gurus involved in our
program: our amazing Herff rep Bob Wood (for all your support and working your HJ magic), the Besties (Erinn, Meghan, and Carrie), Brenda Gorsuch, Mark Murray and Pete LeBlanc. This year (though completely different from what we thought it was going to be) has been amazing, and I am so thankful to have been part of Volume 6.  Kristin Hauptman

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Elizabeth Hogrefe, Mia Perry + Kristin Hauptman

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